Sand Road 3

Welcome to Sand Road 3

This is a super safe market run by the most experienced people that are totally skilled and don't work for the FBI or NSA. The servers are located in a black-delta region in the African Subcontenent, which is also where most of the sand is from.

With Widnows ME Servers, Cloud Backup, & Rumbling IP Addresses this is a super secure market.

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Sand Only Market

As previous Silk/Sand Roads (they never could figure out a good name, silk ws unofficial) focussed on drugs, guns, and illegal services this one will focus on only sand. Sand is currently not scheduled by the DEA, so it will not be a risk. We even called them and left a message to make sure, they said it was okay with them.

Windows ME Server

We are using the latest Windows technology by hosting 4 virtual machines within each other, all running Windows ME with updates turned off. Norton Security is installed on all hosts, and we have set it to defrag to remove any malicious users every night. We also have Rumbling IP Addresses so we don't get caught.

Daily Backups

All of the information is safe and secure - all customers addresses, names, and personal data is stored with our own private key in the Internet Cloud. This is a method of making sure your information is avaiable to any and all vendors, and even other customers for complete 105% trust.

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